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Journalist and Digital Content Producer with 33 years of communications experience. I create powerful content to engage and inspire your audience. Stories that deliver your key messages in a clear, concise and compelling way.

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Corporate Video

I absolutely love what I do and bring over 33 years of TV producing experience to every corporate video project.

I've broadcast from the top of an active volcano in the South Pacific, co-produced the Sydney 2000 Olympic flame arrival and was a presenter/producer on the top-rating international travel documentary program 'The Great Outdoors.'


In the past 18 months, I've made videos for clients on-location in New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Singapore, Amsterdam and Switzerland. With my expert team of filmmakers, we utilise the latest video production techniques, to produce outstanding corporate videos that engage, inform, entertain and inspire audiences.

We use high-end digital video cameras to create a modern look and drone shots are standard on every shoot - even indoors! The best frames are skilfully composed, along with computer graphics, by talented video editors to deliver results that your clients, customers and colleagues will enjoy and remember.

Client Feedback;

"Tony, the video had its official premiere yesterday - 30+ division heads from across Europe/North Africa/Middle East - and it got a round of applause, so I took that as very positive feedback!" - D, UK.

"The video was launched to the Exco and they really loved it - so thank you." - F, Hong Kong.

"The response has been extremely positive. It captures enthusiasm and excitement. Well done" - S, London.

As a journalist, I aim to get to the heart of every story. Crafting a compelling video script narrative, blended with proven storytelling and interview methods. In fact, clients often tell me that I make them feel very comfortable during the interview and that they enjoyed it! Music selection is also an important consideration and I often spend countless hours to select the perfect tune for your video.

We've had great results recently with 'selfie videos' filmed on smart phones. Video podcasts and 'Live' video streaming from events is another service I offer, to further enhance your digital and social media content initiatives. Smart Phone Video Courses, Storytelling and Executive Media Training Workshops also available. Please enquire.

I invite you to take a look at my corporate video showreel under the 'Works' section, plus many other examples.

Prices start from CHF 2,000. Please get in-touch for a free creative brain storming session and a no obligation corporate video quote. Services available in Switzerland and Worldwide.

Corporate Animation

Animation is a highly effective way to explain complex subjects in an appealing, memorable and easy to understand story.

In the past 18 months, I've produced over 25 corporate animation videos for world leading companies like HSBC, Nespresso, Nestlé, Merck and Presence Suisse.

Together with my award-winning animation team, we specialise in 2D, whiteboard and infographic explainer videos.

My recent Switzerland animation for Presence Suisse DFAE has enjoyed great success with more than 250,000 views on social media.


Client Feedback;

"This is really great. I have shared it with a few parties and they love it! I think we might even be able to show this to our global audience" - R, Asia Pacific.

"Your whiteboard animation was the most watched video on the Nespresso intranet" - M, Switzerland.

View my corporate animation showreel under the 'Works' section.

Prices start from CHF 2,000. Please get in-touch for a free creative brain storming session and a no obligation animation quote. Service available in Switzerland and worldwide.


Podcasts are booming. As an experienced radio broadcaster on the ABC and World Radio Switzerland, I'm also a big fan of audio podcasts. 'The Atlantic' and 'Teachers Pet' programs are among my favourite podcasts to listen to.

Podcasts are extremely affordable and known for their warm and personal style. In the media industry, we describe podcasts as an 'in your ear' experience, where you get to connect directly with your listening audience and have their full-attention.

I've produced dozens of podcasts for HSBC, Nestlé, Cereal Partners Worldwide, Business School Lausanne and The Forest Trust.


Podcasts are ideal for internal communications updates, executive messages, employee profiles or to embed in your newsletters and blogs. I've also created podcasts to accompany Annual Reports, Training Programs, Press Releases and Market Research results.

I offer a range of audio and video podcast styles; including interview style, conversation style or solo presenter delivery. Podcast interviews can be recorded from anywhere in the world using our online technology, or in-person at your office with my professional mobile recording equipment. I can add powerpoint slides, animation or video for an enhanced multi-media podcast experience.

I'd love to help you create your very own podcast program and will guide you through the entire process. Podcast service is available in Switzerland, UK, Europe and online worldwide.

Client Feedback;

"Tony, we've had great feedback so far about the podcast! Going to give a push today to our colleagues at Nestlé." H, Switzerland

"Excellent feedback on the 'Essence of Enterprise' podcast!!" - K, Switzerland.

"Sounds very professional. I like it a lot!" - S, Switzerland


Prices start from CHF 500 per podcast. Please get in-touch to discuss your requirements and for a no obligation podcast quote.

Smart Phone Video & storytelling COURSES

What's your story? Smart Phone Video Storytelling is an incredibly powerful form of communicating.

"The human species thinks in metaphors and learns through stories" Mary Catherine Bateson.

Great storytelling has the potential to inspire audiences and create a deeper emotional relationship with your customers, clients and colleagues.


Smart Phone Video Storytelling is an essential skill for today's managers, entrepreneurs and start-ups who want to succeed in the modern world of business. Storytelling is vital to communicate your innovative ideas and corporate vision to employees, stakeholders and investors.

They say, everybody loves a good story. But what makes a good story, how do we find them, craft them, tell them?

My Smart Phone Video and Storytelling workshops are popular and make a wonderful team-building exercise that will help your executives, managers and employees to become better storytellers by learning;

1/. How to identify strong stories to use in meetings, presentations, media and communications. Each participant will prepare a series of stories available for immediate use in business situations.

2/. Expert story development methods used by media and communications professionals, to transform stories into 'WOW' breakthrough moments that audiences will relate to and remember.

3/. Effective presentation and public speaking skills, to deliver stories in an authentic, engaging and impactful way.

Client feedback from recent Smart Phone Video workshops;

"Thank you for two outstanding sessions yesterday - they were both inspiring and engaging, for all of us!! It’s a real pleasure collaborating with you." - K, Switzerland.

"We are so happy with both Smart Phone Video workshops.You were incredible! We are already seeing some very good results from our colleagues." - M, Zurich

"Tony, thank you for the excellent Smart Phone Video training today. It was super helpful and I think everybody went away with lots of ideas – mission accomplished!" - S, Lausanne

"It was really such a treat to be able to have this workshop, and my team members told me afterwards how much they appreciated it and how it gave them food for thought for their own presentations and external events. They all wanted more time with you! Looking forward to our continued collaboration." - L, Geneva

"Thank you for the wonderful workshop today – new things learned, and the old given a fresh perspective." - A, Switzerland

Cost: Half-day Smart Phone Video or Storytelling workshops from CHF 200 per person. Please get in-touch to discuss your requirements and for a no-obligation quote.

Event Photography

Don't leave your event content coverage to chance. Out-of-focus wide shots just won't cut it on social media!

You've put so much effort into organising an event, team function or expert speaker, so make the most of the opportunity and tell a professional 'photo story' on your website, blog and social channels. I see so many great events, full of media opportunities, come and go without harnessing the full communications potential.

Generating stories is a challenge in itself, so make the most of your events and meetings, by maximising what you already have.


I will come to your event and cover it like a journalist. Capture a series of high-quality digital photographs, conduct interviews and write a positive review exclusively for your use. I can also record video highlights and livestream video as required. Take your content creation to the next level and leverage your internal and external events, with your own in-house journalist.

Prices start at CHF 500 for a 2 hour event, which includes a series of 20 high-quality digital photographs and a 500 word article. Please get in-touch to discuss your event photography, video livestreaming and in-house content creation needs.